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Welcome to the Fellowship of Middle-earth!

Who are we?  These fan-run forums grew out of the Lord of the Rings fan community of Decipher's Official LOTR Fan Club, whose inception was found in the release of the movie adaptations filmed under the direction of Peter Jackson.  The Fan Club was best known for its inclusion of the names of its members in the credits of the extended editions of the LOTR films.  As time passed, Decipher no longer held the license for the Official Fan Club and the community sought a new home.

This site is hosted and administrated by Primula and TrebleMaker, who also run the LOTRfanclub's archiving site, the ScrapbookBy popular consensus, the community chose the title of the Fellowship of Middle-earth for their LOTR Forums and in April, 2006 the additional domains of lotrfellowship were purchased by voluntary group donations to reflect that choice.

Our goal was initally to provide an annex or alternative for the 'Official' boards, where the community might be enjoyed without commercial advertising and where the fans would hopefully find a faster and more stable server with quick communication and feedback between the members and the ones running the site. We have been honored to host the same established community that so long kept the 'faith' going at the original Fan Club boards 

There are no fees or membership dues, and no products or services will be sold or advertised here.  All are welcome.  You may link to us using any of our member-designed banners and buttons.

This site is supported by voluntary donations from the fans sponsoring the months of the year.  No surplus monies are collected or held in reserve.  Additional domains of hobbitfans, hobbitfanmb and hobbitfilm.net were purchased in January, 2008 by donations from the fans to reflect Tolkien's work, the Hobbit, being brought to film.

You may read about some of the fans you may meet here at our Fan Profiles page.

If you are new to online messageboard forums, please read the Messageboard Etiquette thread before posting.

This is a G-rated and family-friendly community, intended to be comfortable and generally 'non-objectionable' for all members, of any age or moral preference as well as to any family members or co-workers reading over their shoulders.  Please keep this in mind when posting.  Flaming and trolls are not permitted. The Admins and Moderators reserve the right to edit or remove postings as needed to maintain this goal.  For a detailed account of the 'rules and regs' of this forum, please read our Code of Conduct.

We are open to feedback and suggestions regarding this board and its forums, and would like to express our gratitude to the community's original host who previously provided us with so many years of memories and friends.

Thank you for your helpful offers, but we are not seeking any more moderators at this time. 
Enjoy your stay!
- Primula and Treblemaker

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