Domain Renewal coming up Jan. 4 - any takers? DONE!

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Domain Renewal coming up Jan. 4 - any takers? DONE!

Post by Primula » Sat Dec 31, 2011 6:07 pm

Thank you! We have a renewal on this one! :star: :computer:

Hi guys - I just got the notice from NameSecure that one of our domains is coming up for renewal or expiration on January 4th:

If we want to keep this one, we'll need someone to step up to the plate and sponsor it. It will run 9.95 a year.

Otherwise, we can just let it go - the 'mb' at the end makes it less likely as a prime target for lapsed domains, and the traffic on it at this point is about nil, as no one has been promoting it with links or anything.

We still have the following under our communal wing (these all redirect to our forums here): (Jan. 4,2014) (Jan. 4, 2014) (Jan. 4, 2014) (Dec. 26, 2014) (April 25, 2012) (April 25, 2012) (April 25, 2012)

(and, of course, there's, but I will continue to take care of that as a connection to my ) :read:

Anyone who wants to catch the expiring one can pm me, I have until the 4th to renew it. Thanks! :star:

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