The Boards Are Funded Another Year

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The Boards Are Funded Another Year

Post by Onomir » Thu Dec 16, 2021 2:49 pm

Anyone having troubles Light The Beacons, please message or email me.
The will be an update for new version of operating in the next few days.
Be Strong, Happy, And Healthy Dear Friends
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Re: The Boards Are Funded Another Year

Post by jan-u-wine » Mon Jul 25, 2022 5:52 am

Onomir.....if ever you need help in this direction, i hope you will reach out to me. I owe these boards so many debts of fellowship, friendship and simple gratitude! jan~
" is a rule to remember in future, when anything tempts you to feel bitter: not, 'This is a misfortune,' but 'To bear this worthily is a good fortune.'"

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